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Expertly roasted coffee, fresh from Southern California.

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Coffee (Aside)

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Our Coffees are Hitting the World, and people are saying...

"I shop for Coffee like I shop for Wine..."

Jen, from San Marcos, is by far our best customer. And she admitted something to us - that she initially was drawn to us because of our beautiful iconic oar labels. And since we started spicing up label offerings, she is even more happy, because like she says, "I shop for coffee like I shop for wine -- by the label!" Okie dokie - we both win!

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"For my Boss..."

One of our new friends got some of our Angry Bear Coffee for his boss, who is apparently ... wait for it, a "real bear in the morning." Laughs were had for all at work; and YES, our gutsy Cowboy Blend is killer! We love a good story, and grateful to all of the essential workers out there!

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"Great coffee, wonderful Non-Profit..."

Thanks to Lisa in Southern California! She gave us some love on Facebook for this! Lesson from 2020 is that our labels crush and people dig novelty + excellent product! This bag is no longer available, but the coffee is!

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"Bustin' out y'all!"

Casey in Temecula got his first bag of our coffee and it was from the "Straight Outta 2020" line-up! We feature 2 coffees there, our Bourbon Barrel Aged and African Blend. Two of the most popular coffees we serve, each unique and at different price-points!


"Perfect pair with a fire..."

Jesse in Los Angeles wrote, "We were sop excited when this came! Usually we don't start feeling 'festive' until after Thanksgiving, but with the way 2020 has gone, we couldn't wait to start NOW! Thanks for helping us in the most delicious and comforting of ways!"

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"Wonderful start to our day! Delicious!"

Dixie from the Mid-West is the farthest East our coffees have gone! This was our Election Day Coffee, which was a total hit with everyone who tried it! It was a fun and novel way to connect with communities.

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"They should make essential oil..."

After getting her first order, Jen from San Diego gave a great, unexpected compliment: "I opened the bag and it smelled so good, they should make an essential oil that smells like this!"

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"That is some good sh*t!"

Kaleb from San Diego knew his first order of coffee had arrived as he approached the mailbox. "It was like walking into the world's best smelling coffee shop. And then I tasted it! That is some good sh*t!" 

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"The bag could be a decoration!"

A friend in California got her first bag of our coffee this weekend, and her comment was, "The bag is so darn pretty, I want to use it as decoration." Don't worry, we followed up about the coffee and she loved it! 

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Eric in San Marcos shared that this Single Origin from Honduras took him back to a college trip to Central America and overwhelming joy from memories. Oh, and he LOVED the coffee too. 

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Stewardship matters...

One of our regulars in Southern California sent us the sweetest email! She has been looking for an organic coffee that is perfect for Cold Brew. You can't get that at Starbucks, and she likes the process of cold brewing her own coffee over night. This blend met both of those needs. More than ever, good stewardship of our land is vital, and our organic brew hits home!

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"Just breath..."

JC in Vista spent time during college in Guatemala studying Spanish with close friends. Today, fast-forward 20 years, and the busy mom with a full-time job said that this was not just coffee for her, it was an experience. The smell, the flavors - light & nutty - took her straight back in time, to when her days were simpler and carefree. She teared up thinking about "just breath" and it made her day all the better! --> Well, we didn't expect it - but YES!!!

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"I wanted it all..."

This new friend from Escondido, Ca wanted it all! She sent us this picture of Single Origin Costa Rica, along with our branded mug too - the BIG one! 15oz! Drink up new friend from Escondido!

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"Starting each day in bliss..."

Cathy from Orange County took a chance on our new coffee brand, and the message along with this picture was that she is now, "starting each day in bliss." Wow! We will take that as a compliment!

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"The smell was amazing..."

Jackie from San Diego sent us this picture of her morning line-up of coffees to choose from! We wanted to hear more, and she said she decided on trying the Hazelnut Coffee first. She was taken away by the smell when she opened the bag. "I have been drinking coffee for 40 years, and the smell was amazing. I was speechless. And then I tried it and the flavor matched the smell. I am so happy."

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