Uganda Single Origin; 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

Uganda Single Origin; 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

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Uganda may be the next "up and coming" star of the coffee world! Typically known for its production of Robusta (a caffeine kick), the slopes near the Kenyan border touching Mt Elgon are gaining attention. This coffee is from Sipi Falls and is certified as UTZ (a certificate of sustainability). Not only is this coffee Organic, and certified as UTZ, but it is proudly is also RFA certified. This means it is Rainforest Alliance certified supporting the natural biodiversity of the area, and sustainable livelihoods for those who tend to the harvest. 

  • This is an airy coffee with notes of fruit including lemon & apple. There is also notes of caramel. 

  • Medium Roast

  • Available in Ground & Whole Bean.

  • 100% Arabica Coffee

  • Specialty Grade Coffee

  • Ethically sourced from small-lot farmers.

  • It is not roasted until you order it. This is a fresh as it gets.

  • Black coffee bag.