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Kenya Single Origin; 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

Kenya Single Origin; 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

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Our Kenya Single Origin coffee label seeks to honor the Masai Mara Lions of Kenya. African Lions, like much wildlife across the globe grows deeper and deeper into a state of crisis each day. This is what we call a "playful" cup of coffee - just like Lion Cubs as they grow. It is fruity, well-balanced, and light. Kenyan coffee is considered to be one of the top growing regions in the world. This is a high elevation coffee that means the beans develop more slowly with more nutrient development than lower elevation coffees. There are only about 150,000 hectares of land available for coffee farming in Kenya, so it is not always as well known or experienced in the world. But WE have it for YOU! If you like a dark, strong coffee -- this is not for you. 

  • Medium-Light Roast

  • Available in both Drip Grind (Medium Ground) & Whole Bean

  • 100% Arabica Coffee

  • Specialty Grade Coffee

  • Ethically sourced from small-lot farmers.

  • It is not roasted until you order it. This is a fresh as it gets.

  • Kraft coffee bag


Farm Information:

Othaya Farmer Cooperative Society is one of key member societies of the Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters (KCCE) organization. KCCE is an historic organization of almost 4,000 individual cooperatives. The group was formed in 2009, with the express goal of managing marketing and exporting operations cooperatively, as opposed to contractually with third parties. This lot is processed in Gauge.
The Gatugi Factory has 500 members actively harvesting and delivering to the processing center. 
Gatugi ferments for 27-35 hours depending on ambient conditions. After fermentation, the parchment is rinsed and the water replenished, and the clean parchment soaks for an additional 12 hours, after which it is sorted by density and brought to the tables to dry, typically for two weeks. After drying is complete the coffee is stored on site and eventually delivered to the Othaya dry mill for grading and a final density sort. The established milling and sorting by grade, or bean size, is a longstanding tradition and positions Kenya coffees well for roasters, by tightly controlling the physical preparation and creating a diversity of profiles from a single processing batch. hover around 323,000 kgs, meaning the average member of Gatugi is farming enough coffee fruit for roughly two 60kg bags of export-able green.

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