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"Seadog Scuttle" (Colombia); 12oz. [FREE SHIPPING]

"Seadog Scuttle" (Colombia); 12oz. [FREE SHIPPING]

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Pirate Vernacular: Our favorite Pirate is Henry Morgan. He is the one that Captain Morgan Rum is named after. A "Seadog" is an old-time pirate, or veteran pirate. Scuttle refers to the sinking of a ship. This Colombia coffee represents the old colonial city of Cartagena. Henry Morgan was going to lay siege to Cartagena  when one of his ships mysteriously exploded and sank with an unfortunate number of crew lost. Luckily, this coffee is much better than that incident!

CUPPING NOTES: Medium Acidity, Rounded Body. Dark Chocolate, Mango, Peach, Nice Complexity
GRADE: Excelso, EP
REGION: Tolima
ALTITUDE: 1,500-2,100 M
PROCESS: Washed and Sun Dried
VARIETALS: Caturra, Castillo, and Tipica

  • Medium Roast -- it is not roasted until you order it. This is the ultimate in fresh.

  • Available in both Ground (Medium/Drip) and Whole Bean.

  • Ethically sourced from small-lot farmers.

  • 100% Arabica & Specialty Grade beans.

  • Black Coffee Bag.


FARM DETAILS: A small group of farmers formed Cafe del Macizo in 2003 in the countryside municipality of Planadas, in the state of Tolima. With 59 lifetime growers, the group shares decades of knowledge and resources with each other to product high quality coffee. Located in the foothills of Cordillera Central, the beautiful mountains shape the lush landscape.

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