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Butterfly Blend Coffee; 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

Butterfly Blend Coffee; 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

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This is a festive blend wholly dedicated to the wonder that Butterflies bring the world! This is an incredible blend of beans from across both Central & South America. Which, is the same region where butterflies are most prolific in the world. Did you know that Peru is home to more butterflies than any other country in the world? And that Colombia alone claims 20% of the world's butterfly population? How about the amazing Costa Rica and their perfect climate for habitat and mating of these amazing and vitally important insects!

  • 100% Arabica, Signature Grade Beans

  • Ethically sourced from small-lot farmers

  • Collection of beans from across Central & South America

  • Medium Grind (Drip) or Whole Bean

  • Medium-Dark Roast -- It is not roasted until you order it, this is as fresh as it gets!

  • Kraft color coffee bag

  • Free Shipping!

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