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Si Certo (Italian Dark Roast); 12oz. [FREE SHIPPING]

Si Certo (Italian Dark Roast); 12oz. [FREE SHIPPING]

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In Italian, the phrase "Si Certo" translates to "Yes, of course." We love this phrase. It provides the hope and optimism that, "Yes, of course" anything is possible! Including an Italian Roast!

Welcome to our darkest roast coffee. Expertly roasted at 473(F), we take a blend of signature-grade beans and slowly roast them to dark perfection. Many roasters will use lower quality beans with such a dark roast because the quality of the beans can be hidden by the roast. But not us, we always, only ever still use 100% Specialty Grade beans. In so much, these are our darkest and most oily beans. We go past the Second Crack when roasting these for a slightly charred note. 

  • 100% Specialty Grade Beans

  • Ethically sourced from small-lot farmers

  • Medium Grind (Drip), Coarse Grind, and Whole Bean

  • Kraft color coffee bag


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