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Everybody -VS- Injustice (Decafinated Espresso); 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

Everybody -VS- Injustice (Decafinated Espresso); 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

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We believe that change happens through conversation. Connection. Not blasting one another on social media. Let's take an aside from the day, over a cup of coffee. Let's talk. This is an emblem of conversation starting.

This is our DECAF House Espresso. We use the Swiss Water Process to remove the majority of the caffeine. It is a meticulous blend of 6 different beans from Indonesia, Africa, Central America & South America. It is 100% Specialty Grade, Arabica coffee that is ethically sourced from small lot farmers.  Sometimes people are thrown off by the term, "Espresso." All Espresso's are coffee, but not all coffees are Espresso. Go ahead and brew this your favorite way - you won't be sorry!

  • Cupping note: Smooth body and very well-balanced. 

  • Dark Roast -- it is not roasted until you order it. This is the ultimate in fresh.

  • Available in Ground (Medium)

  • White Coffee Bag.


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