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Moondogi Coffee (Bourbon Barrel Aged); 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

Moondogi Coffee (Bourbon Barrel Aged); 12oz [FREE SHIPPING]

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The most whimsical of all our Designer Labels, this is a poke at our founder and a goofy college nickname. But more people may think back to "Leave it to Gidget" that fantastic 1960's TV teen drama. For everyone else, who doesn't love a dog surfing while the moon is up?!?!? 

And let's not forget that this is really about the coffee! This is our most popular! We take Single Origin, 100% Signature Grade, Arabica beans from Honduras and age them in an old Bourbon Barrel for 30 days. Coffee beans are highly susceptible to absorbing surrounding aromas, and this does the trick! Did you know that most "Whiskey Flavored" coffees are actually artificially flavored with chemicals? That doesn't seem very nice, and trust us that Moondogi would never stand for such a thing!

  • 100% Arabica Coffee

  • Signature Grade Coffee Beans

  • Ethically sourced from small-lot farmers

  • Single Origin from Honduras

  • Aged for 30 days in a Bourbon Barrel

  • Available in Ground or Whole Bean

  • Medium Roast -- It is not roasted until you order it, this is as fresh as it gets!

  • Kraft color coffee bag

  • Free Shipping!

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